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Event Date: 
Sunday, January 19, 2020
Event Description: 
Hello Friends, You are invited for a full day workshop on Sunday,19th January 2020. First full day event of the year. We are in a continuous search – for happiness, relaxation, relations, love, feeling good… a fulfillment. And often we work hard for happiness and actually with this hard work we get tired, stressed, we lose our body health and our peace within. The result of our efforts in life is not happiness but totally opposite of what we are trying to achieve. We are educated, conditioned that happiness is in things and achievements outside. And even if don’t find happiness, relaxation there – still we keep doing in the same direction. A life is possible where we can achieve things outside and with a relaxed and happy quality within us. Meditation is the methodology to bring that quality in us. Then life can have a different quality. This one-day Meditation course experimentally works for participants to learn scientific OSHO Meditation techniques and use them in life for a new way of conscious living. Registration is First come First basis. Contact: 98200 65123 / 88504 14954 / 99674 09627 For Registration. Wear Comfortable clothes Entry by Registration on First come first basis. Be on Time. Also there will be Osho Books Exhibition at the Hall Contribution : Rs 800 (Including Lunch and Tea) You can Pay Online to confirm your seat on Google Pay and Paytm: 9869100620 Thank you Osho Glimpse team